About the portfolios on this site
There are two types of portfolios on this site, project-based and chronological. The project portfolios are small bodies of photographs, usually around fifteen, that are conceptually related to each other regardless of when the images were made. Each of the chronological portfolios show images that were made during the five year period indicated by the title. These groups of images are an overview of everything that I've produced during these brackets of time.
About Robert
Born and raised in northeast Georgia, I began photographing in 1987 during my first year of college. In school, at the University of Georgia, I was mainly interested in trying to capture larger views of my subjects. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I began to fully appreciate the camera’s ability to isolate details of a scene.
Some of the most influential photographers in my life are Aaron Siskind, Harry Callahan, Frederick Evans, Frederick Sommer, Ernst Haas, Ansel Adams and Brett and Edward Weston. Regarding color, I appreciate how some photographers during the 70s and 80s began using color to record images that emphasize the color contrast that was part of their subjects, as opposed to using color to simply describe their subjects.
I have exhibited in the Atlanta area and across the southeast where my work is represented in several corporate collections including King & Spalding, LLP and the Shepherd Center Foundation. My wife and I currently reside in Atlanta.
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I'm also a graphic designer
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